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Cementos Argos’ management

Argos’ Board of Directors is the Company’s supreme managing body and represents the fundamental link between the Company and its shareholders and investors. It is made up of seven Members that are elected for a period of two years, which can be extended indefinitely if the Members are reelected.

Download the CV of each of the members of the Board of Directors. 


Juan Esteban Calle

VP. Financial and shared 

Carlos Horacio Yusty

VP. Talent and organizational architecture

Jorge Ignacio Acevedo

Vp. of technology

Víctor Lizarralde

VP. Of Colombian Regional 

Tomás Restrepo


VP. Legal and institutional 

Juan Luis Múnera

VP. Sustainability

María Isabel Echeverri

VP. of Caribbean Regional 

Camilo Restrepo

VP. of Innovation

Lucas Moreno Kristiansen