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Cementos Argos’ management

The CEO and Vice presidents are responsible for the management of the Company. They follow the guidelines set at the General Shareholders

Meeting and by the Board of Directors. The CEO and Vice presidents meet formally every month, at the Directive Committee, to analyze the performance of the Company, evaluate new projects and to follow up ongoing projects. Likewise, Vice presidents of regional divisions attend a monthly committee along with the CEO.

Download the CV of each of the members of the Board of Directors. 


Juan Esteban Calle

VP. Financial and shared

Carlos Horacio Yusty

VP. Talent and organizational architecture

Jorge Ignacio Acevedo


VP. Technical

Víctor Lizarralde

VP. Colombia

Tomás Restrepo

VP. Legal and institutional

Rafael Olivella


VP. Sustainability

María Isabel Echeverri

VP. Caribbean

Camilo Restrepo


Bill Wagner

VP. Innovation

Lucas Moreno Kristiansen