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Innovation is a fundamental pillar for Argos’ sustainable growth. Therefore, we provide the necessary resources to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in our surroundings and to experiment with them in a disciplined way. This allows us to perfect proposals aimed at creating new sources of growth and a true culture of innovation.

Our competitiveness comes from an adequate understanding of the markets and an effective segmentation of our clients through differentiated value proposals, leveraged in our great capacities and in the organizational management systems

We strengthened our focus on our clients and our value propositions for all segments, capitalizing on our development through innovation

Innovation in the business model

This aspect refers to our capacity to innovate in the way we create, communicate, deliver and capture value, to maintain our competitiveness in the market.

Our products innovations and solutions

Value-added specialty products like the microcement and the enhanced concrete into the market, among other innovations

Innovation Culture

“Convinced that we are an ally for our environment, we promote good practices that ensure innovative solutions

Lucas Moreno - Vicepresidente de Innovación