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Culture of Sustainability

We strongly believe in the importance of training and communication in order to strengthen a culture of sustainability in our employees and other stakeholders, which consists of adopting habits, decisions and attitudes that are responsible towards our surroundings. We dispose of a wide variety of strategies to promote said culture, which we designed specifically in accordance with each target stakeholders. Every year, we organize Sustainability Week, which is an educational opportunity for our stakeholders, covering topics that fit into the social, economic and environmental dimensions.

The development of abilities that stem from these educational activities allows us to enrich our dialogue with stakeholders. Every year, we organize the Sustainability Dialogues, an activity whose main objective it is to reflect together on the Company’s management, in order to obtain a comprehensive and balanced vision of our actions that allows us to develop solid tools that can help us make the right decisions.

Diplomado Argos en Construcción Sostenible

  • Compartimos los testimonios de los alumnos que hicieron parte de la primera cohorte del Diplomado Argos en Construcción Sostenible, liderado por Argos en alianza con Eafit Social, tras su visita al complejo arquitectónico Ruta N, primera obra pública de Colombia en recibir la certificación LEED Gold.