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Industrial Safety and Occupational Health - SISO

At Argos, we seek to obtain profitability within an appropriate ethical and legal framework, which is why we are responsible towards our employees and their families, as well as all of our other stakeholders.

Through the occupational health and safety management system, we watch over the control of our operations’ risks and the creation of a culture of care for people. We seek to go beyond mere compliance with the legislation of each of the countries in which we operate.

Through the “I Promise” Project and the application of a set of technical tools and human resources, as well as actions that involve all members of our value chain ―contractors, suppliers and the community― we manage to obtain high levels of awareness with regard to care for individual and collective health.

A part of our success is due to the development of training activities on occupational health and safety, more specifically regarding the following topics:

  • Safety as a sense of life

  • Emergency plans

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Risk management and communication

  • Dangerous materials

  • Handling of materials

  • Electric risks

  • Prevention of occupational and regular diseases 

  • Prevention for work at heights

  • Housekeeping and cleanliness Safety meetings

Argos Innovation Center

  • Argos has created a place of convergence for the cement and concrete industry’s challenges and academic solutions, promoting the discovery of new ways of using these materials, which are key to development.