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Innovation is a fundamental pillar for Argos’ sustainable growth. Therefore, we provide the necessary resources to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in our surroundings and to experiment with them in a disciplined way. This allows us to perfect proposals aimed at creating new sources of growth and a true culture of innovation..

In recent years, we have been focusing more and more on innovation, expanding our work focus so as to include our entire value chain, supported by Ideaxion, our innovation platform, which allows employees to log in and the Company to collect ideas from anywhere within the Organization, in order to enrich them and define them, and, once they are approved, fund their validation. Since its launch, in 2012, Ideaxion has allowed us to collect 497 ideas, of which 152 have been approved.

Innovative ideas received through Ideaxion in 2014:

Concrepave Low Moisture y Ultra Low Moisture (USA Regional Division)): These are low moisture types of concrete that make it possible to avoid many problems that arise when applying floor coverings. Repairing said flaws currently costs an average of COP $5.6 trillion (US $2.4 billion) a year in the country, which indicates just how large the market opportunity for this product is.

Permeable concrete (Colombian Regional Division)):This is a state-of-the-art technological innovation that is focused on the application of concrete for water management in urban constructions, in order to allow its natural flow and contribute to more sustainable building methods.

Distribution from containers (Caribbean and Central American Regional Division): This is about points of sale that are assigned to community leaders in order to directly reach end customers. It is a new and flexible channel that can boost sales and strengthen the relationship with the community.

Automated tarping of vehicles: This system can reduce the time necessary for the loading and unloading process from 15 to 3 minutes, as well as eliminating the risk of work at heights, with estimated savings of COP $500 million (US $213,405) in 2015.

Inversed logistics model for cement bags: Green Bags: Through this system, used cement bags are picked up at construction sites and delivered to our plants for other production processes, either as a raw material or as fuel. It is a selfsustaining model that creates value for all parties involved. The initial pilot project included 218 construction sites, with 85 metric tons of paper being recovered and 5,507 people being trained on the management of waste, sustainability and the environment.

Use of alternative fuels : We started assembling the assets necessary to partially reduce the demand for fossil fuels of Kiln 2 of the Rioclaro Plant, through which we seek, among other benefits, to decrease greenhouse gas emissions per metric ton of cement produced.

For 2015, we hope to reach a substitution level of at least 12% of the caloric heat of the combustion process, in order to thus contribute to compliance with the corporate goals established in this field by our Environmental Policy.

The Company has a very solid Research and Development Department, which has been certified as a research group by Colciencias, and which has a balanced project portfolio with a potential impact of US $53 million. Intellectual property is a source of differentiation and knowledge for us, currently having 33 identified potential assets in this field.

Argos Innovation Center

  • Argos has created a place of convergence for the cement and concrete industry’s challenges and academic solutions, promoting the discovery of new ways of using these materials, which are key to development.