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Sustainability Strategic Issues

Communities: corporate citizenship and community management

Our promise: to maintain good neighborly relations with the communities that are influenced by our operations and support their local development. Maintaining good neighborly relations and being an agent that contributes to local development is, besides being a value promise of our Sustainability Policy, the best way of ensuring the continuity of our business. We know that our activity has both positive and negative impacts, and it is the latter that, through an open, serious and mediated dialogue based on our mutual interest of growth and sustainability (community-company), we try to prevent, mitigate, correct or compensate.

We believe in development as a process that is led by the communities in which we are present, but we are also convinced that we ourselves play a fundamental role in the purpose of improving their living conditions. This is why in some of the communities located across our three regional divisions, we have implemented development programs that meet their needs, doing impact assessments, with the intention of preventing, mitigating or compensating the negative impacts we could be having, and we have opened up spaces for the local community to get first-hand information on our business activities and for us to listen to their concerns about them.


Our promise: ensure development, safety and wellbeing at work for our human capital, within an organizational culture that has a global mentality that promotes innovation, team work, self-management and environmental awareness.

Our human capital is fundamental to the achievement of sustainable results. We value its diversity as a competitive strength, and this is why we promote equity and inclusion. We are committed to the development of our talent, as well as to their safety and wellbeing, ensuring compliance with decent employment standards and labor rights that are internationally recognized. Through innovation, each of our employees can contribute to the transformation and continuous reinvention of our company. In order to work on our strategic priorities, we promote the seven pillars of our corporate culture.


Our promise: develop our production activities responsibly, working on the decrease or compensation of our environmental impacts.

We recognize the importance of the environment, given the fact that our production depends on natural resources and that their protection ensures the wellbeing of our stakeholders. Thus, we prevent, mitigate, correct and compensate our environmental impacts. This is why we have defined a strategy that is in line with the company’s priorities and cultural pillars, and which was approved by the Sustainability and Good Governance Committee of the Board of Directors. The prioritization of actions is reflected in our Environmental Policy, which, as of 2015, has updated goals up to 2025, for each of the five pillars that represent our main risks and opportunities: climate change, sustainable construction, biodiversity, eco-efficiency and the environmental element in the Argos culture.