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Board of directors

The main responsibilities of Cementos Argos’s Board of Directors are: making decisions to ensure the achievement of corporate strategic goals; and monitoring the actions taken in order to accomplish them. The Board of Directors is permanently seeking the best interest for the shareholders of Cementos Argos.

The Board also promotes the best possible treatment and assistance for customers, employees, suppliers and the community.

Chapter III of the Corporate Governance Code contains the Guidelines for the Board which regulates, among others, topics related to:

a. Acting principles of Directors
b. Main responsibilities of the Board
c. Selecting criteria of Directors
d. Selection and composition of the Board
e. Incompatibilities of Directors
f. Term of Directors
g. Operating rules of the Board
h. Budgeting
i. Performance evaluation of the Board
j. Support Committees to the Board

These are the current members of the Board of Directors of Cementos Argos and their resumes: