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Tax Certificate

Dear investor:

In order to simplify access to our services while ensuring your privacy, we have implemented an electronic mechanism that allows you to download your tax certificate through the website of Deceval. You should have received two e-mails with instructions regarding how to request an username and how to change the password used to access Deceval’s webpage, www.deceval.com.co, where tax certificates can be downloaded. Make sure you have your Deceval username and password at hand before accessing the page. Please click on the following link to download your tax certificate:

DECEVAL INVESTORS  (we recommend using Internet Explorer version 9 or higher).

When you access the website for the first time, the system will automatically ask you to change your password.

If you don’t have login details and you require a username, please contact the Deceval shareholder service center on any of the following phone numbers: from Bogotá on (+57) (1) 307-7127 and from other cities on (+57) 01-800-011-1901.

If you have any questions about technical aspects or how to access the website or if you have any problems with your password and/or username, please contact the Deceval shareholder service center.