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14 / MAR / 2016

Cementos Argos contributes close to 10% of the national energy savings goal

The company, which is the industry leader in Colombia, has launched certain measures that could contribute close to 10% of the energy savings goal of the Colombian national government.

On March 11, President Juan Manuel Santos visited Argos’ Cartagena plant, where he officially announced private companies’ participation in this initiative.

Cementos Argos, given its commitment to the country and considering its Sustainability Policy as an important reference framework, has joined the energy savings campaign promoted by the Colombian national government by taking additional measures at its plants and offices that can help conserve this important resource.

The company will stimulate the use of flextime and day work, thus limiting the maximum use of electrical energy at its administrative offices. Additionally, taking into account that the cement company self-generates about 85% of the energy it consumes, it will deliver excesses of its self-generation plants of about 30 MW to the domestic electrical network and limit the use of its 16 cement mills during peak hours, which will represent savings of about 38 MW so that more self-generated energy can be delivered to the national network.

By implementing these measures, Cementos Argos will save the equivalent of the consumption of close to 100,000 homes in a 24-hour day and of close to 130,000 homes during peak hours, which represents approximately 10% of the national energy savings goal.

“We are convinced that by joining our efforts, we can multiply results. That is why, if all companies and families put their best foot forward, we can all contribute to energy saving and create habits that allows us to preserve resources that are fundamental to our planet’s sustainability,” says Jorge Mario Velásquez, CEO of Cementos Argos, from the company’s Cartagena electrical self-generation plant.