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08 / FEB / 2016

CO2-capturing concrete, Argos’ new eco-friendly product

The company incorporated innovative technology in its concrete manufacturing process, recycling carbon dioxide by chemically capturing it inside its products.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the CO2 that is worked into in the concrete improves its strength and manageability.

The technology is a way of turning CO2 into an input for production, at the same time helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission and creating a better-performing and higher-quality product.

As part of its constant commitment to innovation and sustainability, Cementos Argos has started incorporating and capturing recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) in several of the concrete mixtures it produces at its U.S. plants, specifically the ones in Atlanta, Georgia.

 The CO2 is collected, stored and taken to the plant by the Canadian company CarbonCure, which developed the batching technology. The gas chemically reacts with the calcium hydroxide and the water of the concrete, making insoluble calcium carbonate, a nanomaterial. Thus, the gas that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere, can now be chemically captured and become part of a product. On top of the evident environmental benefit, the chemical process also creates concretes with improved compressive strength and handling properties.

 “At Cementos Argos, we permanently challenge ourselves to develop and implement products, processes and services that are increasingly sustainable, of which this material innovation is proof. We are extremely proud of being the first company in the United States to be able to offer its customers a product with CO2-capturing and incorporating properties. This concrete, even when demolished, never releases the CO2 contained within its structure, allowing us to close the gas’ cycle and contribute to making the construction sector more and more sustainable and eco-friendly,” Jorge Mario Velásquez, CEO of Cementos Argos, adds.

 This type of concrete can also award extra points in the LEED classification system and it offers many other benefits thanks to its environmental product declaration.